TO: Mr. Louis Crandall
SUBJECT: Federal Reserve
DATE: February 11, 2000
CC: Gene Epstein; Barrons Newspaper

Dear Louis:

Gene Epstein kindly suggested I e-mail you for helpful information about the Federal Reserve which he couldn't supply. Gene is copied here as a courtesy to him.

As a Congressional candidate from St. Louis, against Richard Gephardt, I plan to oppose many things done by/through the Federal Reserve. Please send any information you feel is pertinent to: Lee Lehmuth, P.O. Box 260258, Crestwood, MO 63126.

Some information printed about the Federal Reserve is "unbelievable," and I would like to know if you could confirm or refute the following:

No. 1

...The following international investment banks are the principal stockholders of the Federal Reserve system:
Rothschild Bank of England
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris
Israel Moses Seiff Banks of Italy
Kuhn, Loeb Bank
of New York
Warburg Banks of Hamburg and Amsterdam
Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs Bank of New York.

No. 2

The Olympic Herald, February 16, 1982, revealed that Senator Jack Metcalf, a Washington state legislator, introduced Senate Resolution No. 127 which challenged the constitutionality of delegating the power to create money to the Federal Reserve System. "The Federal Reserve System is nothing more than a group of PRIVATE banks which CHARGE INTEREST on MONEY THAT NEVER EXISTED," Metcalf declared. The senate report and full text of Information Prepared for Washington State Senate in Consideration of State concurrent Resolution #127 is as follows:

Sen. Metcalf: "This will have to be an over-simplification; the actual operation is very complicated. However, this is an accurate summary of what happens.

The Federal government is going into debt about a billion dollars a week. (Now a billion dollars a day!) Where does that money come from? The government prints a billion dollars' worth of interest-bearing U.S. Government bonds, takes them to the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve accepts them and places $1 billion in a checking account. The government then writes checks to a total of $1 billion.

The crucial question is: "WHERE WAS THAT $1 BILLION JUST BEFORE THEY TOUCHED THE COMPUTER AND PUT IT IN THE CHECKING ACCOUNT?" The answer: "IT DIDN'T EXIST." We, the people, allowed a PRIVATE banking system to create money at will -- OUT OF ABSOLUTELY NOTHING--to call it a LOAN to our government and THEN CHARGE US INTEREST ON IT FOREVER...."

No. 3

Sen. Metcalf: " It does seem incredible, but the Federal Reserve HAS NEVER BEEN SUBJECT TO AN INDEPENDENT AUDIT. On several occasions, members of Congress and the U.S. Senate have requested such an audit, but a way has always been found to avoid it. Our action here must result in that audit."

No. 4

Congressman Ron Paul did some homework after the passage of the Monetary Control Act of 1980 and he found.... He said:

"In 1980, radical changes were made in the Federal reserve Act, the Monetary control Act of 1980, allowing a massive increase in the power of the Federal Reserve System. Among those powers is the authority of the FED to use the debt of FOREIGN NATIONS AS COLLATERAL FOR THE PRINTING OF FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES. That's what is happening in America. This is of the greatest significance in light of the $850 billion debt owed to the West by Third World and COMMUNIST NATIONS.

...This system of money creation is unbelievable to rational human beings. It will surely lead to a DISASTROUS END to the AMERICAN DOLLAR."

All these were in the book, "The Planned Destruction of America," by Dr. James W. Wardner, cc 1994, published by Longwood Communications. The above statements were said to be from the following:

No. 1:
Page 37, no reference given

No. 2 and No. 3:
Pages 32, 33 only reference is as you see, and the St. Louis County Library headquarters has no record of an "Olympic Herald" newspaper.

No. 4:
Pages 35 and 36, reference only what you see.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give here. It will be used.

Go with God,


Lee Lehmuth